GOVERTICAL - Non Architecture


TEAM: Cheung – Canadian – Carleton University

Manufacture on demand

Blue Collars. Mass Production. Large Facility. Why do we associate factory with those vocabs? In a new era of manufacturing, I believe in the notion of a factory with advanced technology that is capable of producing products on demand in an efficient way. The facility places an emphasis on the threshold between vertical space and systematic flow.

Consisting of four stages, this facility manufactures small electric devices. The process begins with the delivery of raw material. These materials are sorted and stored in a depot before feeding onto the 3D printing floors using a vertical conveyor belt. 3D printers utilize selected raw materials to print out parts on demand. The parts would then be transferred to the assembly floors for robotic assembly. Finally it will be packaged and sent to the sky deck for drone deliveries to end consumers. The factory positions itself as a space efficient and tech-savvy community that can coexist with Class A office towers.