MADE IN MAKER BOX - Non Architecture


TEAM: Jun Li  – Chinese

“Made in USA”
“Made in China”
“Made in India”
Be aware! It’s a world factory.
Want something special?
Let’s go to the Makerbox!
Make local, make special.
Made in Makerbox!


The Makerbox stays its COMPACT STATUS at night, and serves as a receiving center for any interesting parts/materials from the local public.
At the day time, the Makerbox stretches to the EXTENDED STATUS, and could be regrouped as hundreds of forms to fit the site and introduce the public to go inside.


The four facades of the Makerbox are designed for stocking different materials, such as paper/fabric/wood/metal. Each façade has 70 compartments in 15 sizes as drawers and cabinets for accommodating the various sizes of a single material.
The drawers and cabinets could be pulled out from both directions. So the materials filled at night could be easily transferred from the outside to the inside during the day time. However, the toolboxes, which are located at the bottom triangle zone of each façade, could only be accessed from the inside of the extended Makerbox. The fabricators, 3D printers and robot arms will also be activated under the Extended Status.