TEAM: Francesco Catemario di Quadri – Swiss/Italian/Portuguese – Architectural Association School of Architecture

The Infinite Pursuit of Pleasure

In the pursuit of infinite pleasure, this ideal cybernetic network between man and machine guides the manufacturing of new public spaces through taxed inevitable quotidian consumption. This relationship allows the fabrication of new public spaces that solicit hedonism and enjoyment as a form of illusive liberation from the miserable shackles of capitalism. Through such, our forms of societal production and consumption become one and the same; the expend in consumption of branding, and through it, brand and advertise to earn – an endless cycle of permanent enjoyment. These endlessly transforming and expanding spaces host different programs collectively and democratically decided upon by consumers, entitled to all decision making processes through the consumption of the products of the sponsors of these fabricated “bubbles” of hedonism, that can be automatically assembled anywhere, literally. Redefining not only our perception of public space, this “realizable” critique (keeping in mind that if you taxed Tesco consumer revenue only 10% you could build 7 new Shards), explores our new means of production through consumer-culture as well as democratically including any consumer willing to consumer, entitling him to the decision making processes of his new public spaces.