OUR LIFE IS A FACTORY - Non Architecture


TEAM: Alexandra Ntousi – Maroe Boutsi – Greek – Technical University of Crete

An experiential promenade around life, where no life exists.

Inside an abandoned quarry, the atmosphere is unearthly. It dares you to experience life in a deserted and decayed world. Through such a contradiction, life reaches to you, being huge as always. One would say that the path we all follow as we grow older is already made by the patterns of the western civilization, that every one of us knows the way of things to go. However, the question stands. What would that be like if, for a moment, we realized that this fixed point of view about life is very similar to a factory’s production line? Would we change our lives if we understood that this production line is nothing but someone else’s choice, while in reality we can un-make it at any point and step away from the standard route? Choose again, from the beginning, breaking the production line. Thus, we walk around inside the ruins of the old quarry, experiencing birth as a beginning, followed by the always smiley child, the dark and twisted teenager, the adult whose multidimensional perception of the world is finally wide open in front of him and then by the elderly for whom life is nothing less than a big, great party.