TEAM: Will Thomas, Douglas Forsyth – British – Previous Oxford Brookes University, University of Glasgow

A Craft Revival

A factory is the centre of production; revolutionised by Henry Ford’s Production line. Since then factories have been concentrated between four walls on an assembly line, catering to maximise output while minimising defects. In the profit oriented, mass consumption era this is ideal; however this has led to homogeneity in product development.

Already, factories work in tandem with a number of other factories. Developing upon this, the factory would become a vast network primarily composed of skilled craftsmen experienced in their respective fields interconnected by transport infrastructure. Every variation of a product has an alternate path as the route of manufacture is a function of the desired product with minor changes leading to the involvement of different craftsmen. This utilises the best suited workers, each leaving their own unique mark. In doing so, the project looks to reinvent the production line, so that it transcends the confines of four walls.

By placing the tool in the worker’s hand it will contribute to a craft revival. This system means the product will develop organically on its journey from source to destination. This will lead to the creation of a high quality, truly unique product and greater diversity in our everyday environments.