SPARC - Non Architecture


TEAM: Mahdi Alavi, Matt Goeser, Ian McLaughlin – United States – KTGY Architecture + Planning

SPARC Industries, an interstellarly renowned company has launched new and exciting developments in the planet terraforming field. By fostering meaningful interplanetary transportation and development, SPARC is invested in manufacturing habitats for a better tomorrow.

The human race’s long-standing concerns about pollution and over population have finally been put to rest. Through a proprietary system SPARC develops and colonizes alternate “Earths”, creating new and exciting environs for the human race.

SPARC, short for “Space ARC”, sends vessels with the terraforming system deep into space in search of suitable pioneer planets. Once located, the SPARC orbits the planet, cloud seeding and slowly creating an atmosphere suitable to sustain life.

Simultaneously the ship develops seeds to grow a complete ecosystem. Through a centrifugal system, nutrients are delivered to individual, customizable capsules as they spin around the ship. Each capsule is tailored to contain the diverse water, plant life and ecology necessary to inhabit a specific planet.

Upon completion of this phase, the capsules are released to the planets surface where they deploy ecosystem incubators over the terrain. In approximately 3-5 years, a new foundation for civilization has been fabricated, expanding the possibilities of what the human species can accomplish.