SPINNING LOADS - Non Architecture


TEAM: Joanna Zwierzchowska, Polish, living in UK

When dancing fuels a city

Dear Customer,

Firstly, many thanks for your preference in visiting our facility. Our washing machines are a part of a new sewage infrastructure providing energy in your city. A filter installed in each of the machines recognises and separates microfibres from clothes you danced in and draws them into a pipe. They are transported through a sewage system to a factory, where an engineered machinery releases the enzymes from the microfibres and converts them into energy.

Please remember to select a spinning cycle!

The infrastructure takes an advantage of individuality and applies it to the collective, literally understanding and performing benefits of the action of dancing. Inhabitants can dance anywhere and anytime, but dancing begins to be more than a way of entertainment, exercise or escapism – it becomes a duty, as it creates a product indispensable for the city to function. Clubbing as a consumption turns out to be a way of production.

As dancing is often connected to self-expression, releasing emotions and letting oneself free, does its recurrent performing generate an utopian society, or the opposite – can it deprive it of its freeing effects and let it lose the associacion to freedom?

SELECTED BY: Rebeca Sanchez & Miquel Clot