The no food - Non Architecture Competitions

The no food

TEAM: Gergana Georgieva, Bulgaria, UACEG, Sofia Kamila Drsata, Austria, TU Wien


A place where taste is served

The essential information needed to identify what we are eating is mostly given to us by the taste. Can’t taste be provoked by something much tinier, of almost unseizable size, like a molecule? The “No-Food” offers exactly that – taste, without the food. Guest will not be served food in the traditional way, but will just get the key part – a molecule full of taste. The creation of flavours with molecules is nearly infinite.  You can have cheese, chocolate or chicken, without really having the actual food in your mouth. Amazing, isn’t it? So, once the molecule hits your tongue the receptors will send the information to your brain, where it will trigger the according memory. Not only will your brain recognize what taste it is. The various tastes, being perceived very individually, will as well evoke memories and emotions attached to it. With only one tiny molecule your brain will be triggered to create an actual meal in your head. Moreover, you can enjoy the meal in a very sophisticated and clean way – no smacking, no stuck pieces between your teeth, no speaking with a full mouth. Simply savouring the taste of food without any the troubles.