URBAN TRAINING OASIS - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Agnieszka Biedalak, Polish, University of  Art in Poznań


Your box, exercise and relax your way.

New York

Exercise relaxes your mind – a destressor between work and home that serves both your body and soul. Yet we tend to exercise in flashy, loud and crowded gyms located in shopping malls or busy city centres, certainly not the best scenario for rest and relaxation…

So, how about an alternative environment, one that is more quiet, peaceful and independent, one that allows you to fully achieve the benefits of relaxation with exercise? This can be possible with individual, self-sustaining, eco-friendly boxes discreetly hidden in city parks. Users would enter via their personal code and once inside they could choose their own activity or have a personalized training program displayed on the one-way mirrors. Or they could also bring a friend and train together in the intimate atmosphere of the box, all the while observing the bustle of city life around them.

The Urban Training Oasis will bring activity to empty parks in the winter, and bring the the serenity of the outdoors without the stress of onlookers or weather to deter them from the exercise and relaxation they need.