Tower of remembrance

TEAM: Alina Filipoiu, Octavian Cazacu, Serban Leafa, Cristiana Moisanu – Romanian

Power from the people

If I should die

Don’t say goodbye

Dance in the tower dear

For I, the forgotten peer.

For dancing is power

To store the memories of other.

Keep dancing I say

So who’s dancing today?

Death is an inseparable aspect of life. Nearly 100 people die every minute, some of them have no one to remember them. Since we can’t connect to the deceased, remembrance is people’s way of dealing with grief. Tinside the tower there is no music at all so that people can dance using their inner music, this way dancing becomes a powerful impulse. The tower transforms dancing into energy that is needed to store memories by being able to provide self-sufficiency. Anyone can access the stored memories in order to fabricate a powerful visual commemoration.

The Cloud

TEAM: Quentin Laurens-Berge (fr), Lambert Moiroux (fr),

Architecture in our material condition is a search for new forms and territories.

The (non-)architecture proposed by THE CLOUD is the system you enter in ; a space of infinite possibilities that explores our virtual condition to create a true continuous variation of free actions in an amorphous and limitless generated environment.

The party is then a matrix infrastructure created by the Cloud : impalpable, intangible, but omnipresent. It is materialized by augmented reality interfaces that can be use at home, in a public space or in a festival to connect the people in real time to the party. It is a new form of collective conditioning that meets the idea of freedom.

What about embodying Mario for a live performance on the moon with your NYC friends while being in Hong Kong ?

Every one can become everyone and will meet anyone he wants in the interface. An algorithm of the party synchronizes the individuals at a planetary scale in a continuum of deterritorialized parties : a planetary grid of augmented entertainment.

The stakes proposed by The Cloud might not be to try to perceive the reality behind the illusion, but the reality of our desires hidden in the illusion itself, in order to liberate the concept of dance floor and become newly a vector of freedom.

The Field

TEAM: Ellen Fällström, Jenny Lähdet – Swedish

You are running through fields of reed. The dance floor of The field is created as you make your way trough. Lit cables from the ceiling react to your touch and stick together, making space for you and the people around, never too big nor to small. An experience that can be placed anywhere, without a designated location.

The Field is wearing the colors of the sky, encapsulated to show an alternative timeline, meaning you’ll never have to worry for the night to end. Experience the walk of the sun and moon from dusk to dawn in one night. Wander though this lit field with a drink in your hand, the trails you leave behind are probably gone. The only place to go is somewhere new. Here time and space is not as we usually perceive it. The Field is a dance venue that salutes the explorer.


TEAM: Barbara Becker, Vivian Brune, Mayara Serra, Maira Pelegrino – Brazilian


We believe that in order to dance all you need is music and people. If you press play now you can get up from your chair and start to rock your body. It doesn’t matter where you are: whether in a club, in your home or your street. Therefore the border of the night club could be extended to the whole city.

Even a vacant lot could act as a dance stage. Vacant lots are common in cities around the world, understood as an investment they remain empty for decades. CLUB THE CITY UP is a city network that connects people through music and dance, turning vacant lots into dance stages. We propose a worldwide scale intervention, an event that invites people to occupy and dance on the vacant lot of their neighborhood.

Let’s dance with us in the International Music Day – October 1st:

  1. Find an empty lot in the middle of a densely occupied area.
  2. Add surfaces where people can dance.
  3. Bring elements, furniture, music speakers, a stage, drinks.
  4. Invite the community and CLUB THE CITY UP.


TEAM: Guillermo Casado, María Padierna – Spanish -Technical university of Madrid, Spain – E.T.S.A.M


Women need to know that others are encouraging them and that their experiences, thoughts and feelings are valid. BOOBCLUB is an affirming concept centered on gender equity, creative expression and celebration of identity where you can dance the way you love. BOOBCLUB is not just a place but a headquarter connected to wearable “bubbleboobs” dimensioned on a human scale and distributed all around the world. It is defined by its accesibility as you can be connected from anywhere just ordering your “bubbleboob” and it will be sent to you so you can join us from wherever you want. There is also a handy app where we update the calendar of events. By wearing the “bubbleboob” you become the club: the space dances with you and you can see what is going on in the BOOBCLUB. This club wants to make the difference with other premises only alive during the night by opening 24 hours to be used also as a leisure centre holding events, TED talks, support groups to be available to anyone. It is in fact a community-led space to empower women: students, working women, busy women, mothers..that need to take a little time for themselves, a break.



TEAM: Giorgos Kokkalis, Greece, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) – Niki Sidirourgou, Greece, NTUA – Tatiana Zoumpoulaki, Greece, NTUA

The question is not where, but when

The year is 2094,

The post-modern city now evolved to a vast cultural palimpsest whose higher levels belong to clubbers …

A network of events, expressed through material structures and digital support, embody the collective memory of clubbing since the long forgotten disco era…

Feel like dancing, listening to music or engaging in any kind of social activity?

Well, climb above!

Hop on a club-runner to the closest roof deck party. Who knows, you might find yourself among heroes of partying or even dance with their holograms. The ghosts of the long and glorious history of clubbing are here!

Got bored?  Approach the first passing bouncer, and let your mood guide you. The bouncer will know just the right place for you…

Got hungry, buzzed or just want to rest? Follow the glowing highways and get down to the nearest chiller. It does exactly what it sounds like, chilling things down quickly…

Save your strength. . . If you are lucky, by the end of the night you ‘ll be ridding the Dragon. Fly away, enjoy the view and take a trip to your senses.

Put your hands in the air like you don’t care and reach for the stars…

Welcome to the party!

Wormhole Wanderlust

TEAM: Justin Voghel, Ben Feicht – American – University of Oregon

A space that you run through, dance through, leap through, or prance through!

In the city, the journey is the destination. Getting from A to B is more than just a part of the process, it’s an experience. Otherworldly breaks from monotony activate not only the space, but also the user. Previously un-utilized nooks, crannies, and alleyways are cast from the shadows and put into the spotlight. These urban wormholes provide lively alternatives to step off the conveyor belt and express yourself.

Need energy before a long day of work?
Take the next left and let loose in a vibrant forest of dynamic forms on the way to the office.
Need a place to gather with friends?
Follow the pathways and unite in another dimension of sound and color.
People travel to these passages, and people travel through these passages. They are public realms that bring life into the city and into the people.

In chanting fog

TEAM: Aidan Cifelli, British , University of Edinburgh

This proposal creates an experience that takes control of all senses and encapsulates the full body.

This design is inspired by the Scottish folklore of ‘ Am Fear Liath Mòr’ – a presence or creature that is said to haunt the summit of Scottish mountains when enveloped by fog. With this ‘presence’ comes an orchestra of sensational sound- ‘chanting fog’

This experience is recreated with a contemporary twist; this is achieved by placing speakers along the ridges and high peaks of the mountains. These speakers will contain sensors that react to moisture in the air, resulting in music being played into the fog.

These speakers will play different genres of music depending on the thickness of the fog and moisture in the air.

With this proposal nature is in control, the environmental conditions decide the music genre that is played, nature is the DJ

This in turn means the music will match the continuously changing surrounding conditions and emotions of the people.

An experience that takes control of all senses and encapsulates the full body.

Exaltation in the dark

TEAM: Hernandez Hugues / France, Marty Ariane / France

Our lives are made of representations, of our own staging ; we wear masks to relate to social groups and make efforts to include those in an appropriate way. The way others look at us allows to get recognition but also becomes an obstacle to freedom. In this context, clubs have established themselves as oases dedicated to entertainment, where time and space remain suspended. But these places have integrated a demonstrative dimension that has turned these locations into podiums where people come to see and be seen.

In order to avoid excessive social representation, the Club must be like a labyrinth, be a place where we go astray to better find oneself, where indeterminacy still exists and where the stimulation of senses leads to collective transcendence. To allow everybody’s euphoria, we believe that the Club must focus on singularised experiences and on the equality in each experience during the party, and at the same time it must operate an anonymisation process so that the party will never be seen from the rest of the world.

Inside, a continuous maze, punctuated by differents spatial interweaves, allows to the participants to lose their bearings while remaining master of the experience they wish to live. A gradation of spaces responds to various sociabilities, situations and practices: from collective dance to one-on-one, from discretion to excess. The light guides the crowd through shadows and creates revelations and concealment, proximity and isolation so that each can lives his own clubbing experience.

The Uncharted

TEAM: John Dai, China, University of Pennsylvania – PennDesign

An ungoverned galaxy club for space travelers

By 2079, space travel has become a common practice for humans. More and more people start to migrate to other planets for settlement following the invention of new space travel technologies. However, the travel time can be daunting and dreary and space entertainment became a necessity. Over the years, a self-powered floating space station built with space junk is now the most popular spot in the universe.

The station is equipped with climate generators, which provides oxygen and generates essential molecules for an atmosphere. There is artificial gravity through magnetics, which only activates when the user is physically touching a part of the station. It means that there’s no up or down in the station, wherever the user lands becomes the floor.

The space station does not belong to a single person or entity and maintains neutral on all aspects. Its unruly nature attracts party goers from all over the universe. There’s no set coordinates as the station simply drifts in the space, whoever finds the club may enter as they wish. Come travelers, welcome to the Uncharted.

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