TEAM: Federico Valla, Italian

come dance w/ the city

On the mutating form of rave partying.

The geode-like structure comes shipped in a box. Made of few electronics and mostly 3d printed parts, it’s easy to reproduce if wanted. It gets assembled, and once rolled to the selected location works as a moving disco.

It’s motherboard gets connected through two electrodes to the chosen plant, and it translates electricity and vibration into sound. Once discovered how quick trees can detect moods and sense where they’re planted, we theorized how them could bridge contemporary living to the re-appropriation of empty spaces ideas of rave partying.

Being able to facilitate people’s ability to sense the place they live in, the idea is to bring back, through music and subsequently dancing, a strong connection between inhabitants and the contemporary living experience, translating the idea of repossession that used to dictate past rave culture.

Come dance w/ the city, come dance w/ us.

Sounding space

TEAM: Lorenzo Sacchi, Giacomo Schiesaro, Italian

The space of dance is only determined by the music played inside it. The dance floor is where sound creates space. When the music starts playing, the perception is not just linked to physical architectural features anymore. So any dancer can set up a venue anywhere where some music is playing, and only for that amount of time.

Dancing is an individual action, and the space it involves is mental. Its perception depends on the sounds one hears. The frequency and intensity of sound generate patterns that follow the discoveries of the physicist Ernst Chladni. These give the basis to the study of the sounding space.

However, dancing is also a group activity, done collectively, and the perception of its space also depends on the people involved and the way they dance. The movements, the choreographies, the visuals and the lights are generated by the syntax  and the rhythm of the music. The latter creates actual geometries and spaces on the dance floor. The space created by sound changes in time, along with the people.

Cloud Steps

TEAM: Konstantinos Grammenidis, Greek, National Technical University of Athens – Georgios Zafeiropoulos, Greek, National Technical University of Athens

The Virtual Dancing Experience

What if, instead of the usual one-way distribution of “fun” opportunities – a number of venues that offer a selection of musicians and DJs, who decide on the selection of music you can dance to for the night – a more democratic approach to dance was achieved, through the means of virtual reality? The Cloud gives everyone the opportunity to be the DJ, the party host, the organiser – and lets everyone else choose to join in or leave. Essentially, you vote by your presence. An endless network of virtual dance spaces and events is formed, taking place nowhere and everywhere, unrestricted by physical limitations such as proximity, space volume, availability of dance venues, your movement capability –  but also gravity and the laws of physics. An array of imaginary spaces, crowdsourced by real people, gives the opportunity to connect with different dance communities around the globe and form new ones. It doesn’t matter if you live in the busiest mega-city or a remote village: tonight you make the world dance!

Venue for the Collective Consciousness of Techno

TEAM: Dylan King, United States, The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

Order has no place here, compelling clubbers to develop autonomous relationships with the spaces that surround them.  Through compounding forms, a variety of spatial conditions are conceived.

Chaos ensues, producing the allusion of organic space.  Users create personally-tailored mental maps of the venue, recalling specific spatial conditions, geometries, textures, and colors based solely on affection.

Through exploring the complexities of the resulting maze, one becomes preferential toward certain characteristics.  Individuals organize themselves spontaneously through these personal affinities.  Amplified in multitude, this process breeds hyperspecific pools of collective consciousness under the veil of disintegration.

In the social climate of a nightclub, where hundreds of people share the same space while maintaining vastly different experiences, users become more likely to “find the others.”

Club Protest

TEAM: Thomas Parker, British, EPR Architects, The University of Nottingham

Clubbing as a form of protest

Recent political and social shifts have reawoken the spirit of protest in many who are looking to challenge a broken system. Traditional protest often take the form of marches, strikes or occupations aiming to peacefully disrupt space. Clubbing culture has often been generated by the marginalised and alternative, offering space for expression and freedom.

I propose to align the cultures of clubbing and protest by providing a toolkit to occupy space. This comes in the form of an online platform, with opensource designs for cheaply adapting the components required for clubbing, into mechanisms of protest. The aim is to infuse the mentality of freedom and liberation from clubbing into the disruptive, combative nature of protest.

Utilising digital tools lies at the heart of modern protest as a way to collectively record, organise and mobilise. The same can be said for modern dance culture which utilises streaming to widen participation. Through this platform protest movements can broadcast their clubs in a boiler room-esque live stream, widening the reach of their audience. Club protest acts as a bridge between these two cultures, highlighting their fundamental similarities, and offering a means to mobilise, occupy and broadcast.

Dancing of Lights

TEAM: Kenneth Chang – Malaysian – Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Austin Pua – Malaysian – Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Claire Zhuang – Malaysian – Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Jake Hooi – Malaysian – Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Dance is _____?

Dance is something that’s inherently present in everyone, it’s a universal language, a lingua franca of the world. We historically use it to communicate our needs and desire, and yet for every single individual, the concept and intentions behind dancing strangely differs drastically base on each individual’s personal reality on what dancing symbolizes.

Introducing the Groove, the unique and ever adaptive positive and negative spaces allows it to conform to the shape and volume of every street and cityscape spaces. This invites a change of pace where modern club dancing is soulless, stagnant and lonely, the purest essence gone in pursuit of social acceptance and reciprocation. In here, dance is personalize by allowing everyone’s input for their prefered genre to be used for the night’s mixtape before entering, therefore no one is excluded from the party. Let your individuality lead your body to seek nourishment for the only thing that matters, your soul.

A Natural Rhythm

TEAM: Carolina GomesPortuguese

Sharing Sound

A place to dance, share and socialise. Did you finish work and you want to de-stress by dancing to music surrounded by nature? Do you collect records and want to share your music with other people? Or maybe you simply wish to immerse yourself in something different.

Three pavilions, three moods, three different ways of sharing music. Geometry, materials and sound come together to give you three different ways to enjoy the music you love! Each pavilion contains its very own modern interpretation of the classic ‘jukebox’ record player: connect with your phone to Pavilion One, bring along your old CDs to Pavilion Two or share your favourite vinyl in Pavilion Three. Whatever the medium, whatever the moment, A Natural Rhythm welcomes you to engage with the music you love.

Using state of the art technology, our plug-in-and-play Pavilion One makes sharing your music easier than ever before. Simply enter the room, select your playlist and share your favourite music with friends and strangers alike! For a more hands on experience, dust off your old CD and vinyl and join the party in Pavilions Two and Three.

Let’s dance!

The Space Machine

TEAM: Maria Nasi, (Greek, National Technical University of Athens), Yannis Mantzaris, (Greek, University of Crete / Middlesex University)

Imagine dancing in Infinite Space

The Space Machine allows you to connect digitally any event, through its state of the art projection mapping technology, creating unique networks of spatial agglomerates. The Space Machine creates a unique dancing platform, synchronizing people from all over the globe into a universal blend of analog/digital experience.

Clubs, houses, public spaces (virtually any kind of space) can join each other in synchronized events, creating temporary super-spaces, all linked together in the greatest party experience ever. All this is possible through a spherical object that monitors the space and projects the data in real time.

A Brief Space-Machine Manual:

1)Activate the sphere

2)The sphere will elevate and calibrate its location through space

3) The sphere monitors your space and produces a 360 degrees video

4)Parts of the 360-degree video is sent to other users in real time while multiple other users’ 360 degrees videos are projected in your space.

5) Music is automatically synchronized according to the specific party-network you chose to join.

Enjoy Dancing through Space!

Music Bomb

TEAM: Ivan Mellini Italy, Ilaria D’Agostino Italy

Explode music in your life

The Music Bomb is a device that can bring the music with you and spread it with those around you in an overwhelming wave of energy and fun. The Music Bomb is great against grey and monotonous days. In fact, after being launched, it explodes into a myriad of lights, with various effects, giving off a large amount of confetti. The people around you can’t help but join in a wild dance.

Snooze and Pause

TEAM: Nasrul Hidayat, Radiva Nida Nabila, Nur Aisyah Risma Diana – Indonesia – Universitas Sebelas Maret

One minute is all you need!

Don’t you feel tired of all the paper works from your boss? Or feel anxious standing on that plain old rusty train? Do your children restrain you from going to the club? Need a break from your sad boring life?

SNOOZE AND PAUSE got your back! a minute is all you need to get away from all your stress! Just put the device on your head, and BOOM! You will enter a dream realm where you can dance and relief all your stress away! Take your time in there. Don’t worry about your boss, because one hour in here equal to one minute in real-time. Wherever you are, whenever you are, whoever you are, you can always dance and have fun!

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