Urban Metabolism

TEAM: Daniel Duffield – English – Newcastle University


Urban metabolism reinvents current waste, drainage and water infrastructures in cities to alter perceptions of how food is used and consumed in our current climate. The project takes phosphate from wasted resources in the land and sea to create an ecosystem that facilitates both local food and global sustainability. Within the buildings open framework, the public donate their organic waste and become witnesses to a sustainable ecosystem. The new compost provides food and habitat for a range of insects, chosen by the individual based on the food menu. The staff then take you through to the restaurant, providing you with information on the sustainable implications of insect dining. Garnishes grown in the botanical garden are provided with the insect dishes to compliment the wide range of flavours. The project runs entirely on

Is space seasoning?

TEAM: Alexis Boivin, Aureliano Ramella – Canada, Switzerland


Gastrophysics, is space seasoning?

Gastrophysics is an emerging interdisciplinary field combining gastronomy and psychophysics, which investigates the various factors that have an influence on the eating experience.  The latest publication by Charles Spence, entitled Gastrophysics: The new Science of Eating, gives clues on the links connecting space and flavour perception by examining human’s associations between geometry and taste. Based on the results of that research, this project examines how architecture can become an ingredient in the sensorial experience of a meal and also proposes a vision of democratized gastronomy. To do so, the restaurant becomes a public space where guests and bystanders can meet around the celebration of food. Furthermore, the traditional restaurant typology is inversed – the kitchen contains the dining rooms. This arrangement generates a diversity of spatial features to enhance the seasons changing ingredients and chef’s creativity.

The Fridge

TEAM: Carla Aldunate Murillo, Francisca Ketels Sabarots, Chilean, Studio KAL


A self-sufficient urban artefact that avoids waste and promotes sharing


If you are going on holidays and your fridge is full…

place what you have in the fridge*


If you want people to try your new food brand…

place samples in the fridge*


If you feel like cooking for someone but you live by yourself…

do it and place it in the fridge*


If you had to buy the whole bunch but you will just use some…

place the rest in the fridge*




If you want to try someone else’s cooking style…

grab something from the fridge*


If you want to try something that is not yet in the market…

grab it from the fridge*


If you didn’t have time to cook…

grab something from the fridge*


If you are only missing one herb…

grab it from the fridge*


If you need compost for your plants…

grab some from the fridge*


*Use the packaging on the side of the fridge. Place your food on the belt and set up a timer up to the date your food will still be edible. Once it gets to that point, the belt will drop it to the bottom of the fridge and convert it into compost.

Rest To Run

TEAM: Arise Wan Meizhen, Catherine Keh Yee Cents, Chee Seng Kong, Melissa Chong Sook Lynn, You Shing Soh – Malaysians -Dessau International Architecture Graduate School


Make every meal a hearty meal – within just a few steps!

“Restaurant”. Defined as a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises. We often refer to a restaurant as a place, as a physical location. But what if the restaurant itself is not a stagnant but a moving object, or even more, actually resembling a living creature, which could self-sustain by growing food on its own. Because of that, it serves food fresh! And what if, instead of walking into a restaurant, you can have a walk side by side with the restaurant!

Take a journey with Rest-To-Run by hopping on for your next meal, now available within the new city loop. Prefer to stay home? Worry not, it is also able to serve warm food right outside your window. So check out our schedule now! Experience eating like you never have before. Experiencing good taste with every step!



TEAM: Vittoria Bonini, Paolo Galelli, Alessio Minetto, Italy


24th January 2018

Ædi(b)le welcomes you! We look forward to your visit at The Giant Lasagna.

Our address is Piazza della Costituzione in Bologna. Look out for a large red arrow, which will direct you towards our entrance. You are welcome to join anytime from 11:30 am. Last entry is at 10:00pm.

Bring the card you used to book tickets as proof of purchase. There is no physical ticket. Please arrive with your whole group.

We would deeply appreciate it if you could dress for the occasion, remember: you will be free to grab lasagnas portions off the walls and get dirty as much as you like.

We would kindly ask that you refrain from sharing any images or videos online so as to keep the surprise for others.


– Ædi(b)le

In the beginning was the table

TEAM: Ivana Krmpotić – Croatian – Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning, University of Zagreb


Table is material object, it exists in space and time; it has a physical existence in what is called the real world. Like most objects, tables are classed according to their similarities; an actual table in physical reality is an instance of that class. A material object exists in an environment and is usually only able to survive and continue its existence in a certain environment. Tables sustain their existence by possessing certain characteristics or performing certain functions.

Far more than a flat surface upon which to dine, the table can be the heartbeat of festivus. It’s a place to gather, to talk and to reconnect.

Though the legacy has grown over the years, even in today’s contemporary world, the modest table continues to be a center of activity.

Each table is different from the next, no matter how alike they look, are all in some way dissimilar and individual.

Since there is no absolute essence that all tables possess, their connection may be attributed to human perceptions and the way the human mind organises the world.

Humanity is the only thing that binds tables to tables.


The Slow Supper

TEAM: Marie-Therese Krejcik, German, Vienna University of Technology


The most delicious wait you’ll ever have

Welcome to The Slow Supper, the most delicious wait you’ll ever have!

Please choose your ingredients carefully. Once you pick an ingredient you will be informed about how long it takes to grow it, its ecological impact and when you will be able to enjoy it. The date of your meal will update itself throughout the process of composing your slow supper.

Our calendar will inform you about the progress made continuously, the dates your veggies will be planted and if you choose meat from a live animal, its conception. Please choose cultured meat if you would like to speed things along. If you have become a vegetarian in the meantime, please let us know so we can redistribute your slice of meat.

We encourage you to attend the planting of your ingredients and checking in regularly. Feel free to watch your salad grow!

On the day of your slow supper, you will receive a reminder to harvest your ingredients. Afterwards, you can proceed to your favorite cook.

Enjoy the slowest supper in town!


TEAM: Fernanda Graciano, Higor Nobre, Thyago Chesmam, Danilo Piai, Fernando Souza – Brazilian


CHÊRO /òˈe.ɽʊ/: The experience of eating with smell as a protagonist.

How to send all of our senses to the background and bring to the first layer the smell? No distractions. This is a ritual, a visceral experience to make you being captured by a moment, where you are completely immersed on the act of eating, and feeling the food.

Chêrois a restaurant where instead of a menu, guests are taken to different floors. Each floor a plate. The door opens, the smell invades the lift and one decides whether to go on or try the deepest levels.
Shadows and light play as a frame for smell. The experience of eating deserves to be felt from a perspective where the vision is not the main actor. Constant stimulation of vision through all the virtual lives we lead, many pictures getting so fast to our hands is a scenario that calls for a pause. Follow your feeling, feel the aroma.
The restaurant is a buried structure, comes from an Iceberg logic that one can see from street level only a tiny fraction of what it is. When inside, subtle lights oriented to the floor will show you where to step.

Cantina Social

TEAM: Stavros Zotos, Stamatia Bountioukou  -Greek – National Technical University of Athens

the worldwide food fest

Wouldn’t you love to travel through taste? Entering 2018, your country will be able to contribute to “cantina social” worldwide food festival by adding its own traditional dishes on the menu. Do you think that’s impossible? Well…it’s actually really simple! You just have to add your country’s cantina to our huge international train. Let’s make our train longer and even more diverse!

Please book your seat as soon as possible because CANTINA SOCIAL is going to make a tremendous food mess!

Take a look at our schedule:

TIMETABLE                         [18:12pm]                            Friday 16th March 2018


Rome – 12th March                  DEPARTED

Andorra – 14th March              DEPARTED

Madrid – 13th   March                DEPARTED

Lisbon – 14th March                DEPARTED

Paris – 15th March                  DEPARTED

London – 16th March            BOARDING FOOD

Amsterdam – 17th March     ESTIMATED ON TIME

Brussels – 18th March             SCHEDULED

Luxembourg – 19th March        SCHEDULED





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