<span style="color: #23e286;">Fala Atelier</span>

Fala Atelier

Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares & Ahmed Belkhodja

<span style="color: #23e286;">Labics Architects</span>

Labics Architects

Maria Claudia Clemente & Francesco Isidori

<span style="color: #23e286;">Karoline Liedtke</span>

Karoline Liedtke

Head of Landscape at Cobe

<span style="color: #23e286;">Carlo Ratti</span>

Carlo Ratti

Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab Founder and Director of Carlo Ratti Associati

<span style="color: #23e286;">Studio Muoto</span>

Studio Muoto

Gilles Delalex & Yves Moreau

<span style="color: #23e286;">João António Ribeiro Ferreira Nunes</span>

João António Ribeiro Ferreira Nunes

Founder of PROAP

<span style="color: #23e286;">Andrea D'Antrassi</span>

Andrea D'Antrassi

Associate Partner at MAD Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Federica Sofia Zambeletti</span>

Federica Sofia Zambeletti

Founder of KooZA/rch

<span style="color: #23e286;">Massimo Alvisi</span>

Massimo Alvisi

Co-Founder partner of Alvisi Kirimoto

<span style="color: #23e286;">Francisco Leiva</span>

Francisco Leiva

Founder of Grupo Aranea

<span style="color: #23e286;">Marijn Schenk</span>

Marijn Schenk

Co-Founder of NEXT Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Ad Kil</span>

Ad Kil

Founder of Ro&AD Architecten

<span style="color: #23e286;">Rebel Architette</span>

Rebel Architette

Elena Fabrizi & Francesca Perani, co-founders architects of RebelArchitette

<span style="color: #23e286;">Felix Madrazo</span>

Felix Madrazo

Partner IND [Inter.National.Design]

<span style="color: #23e286;">Gijs van der Velden</span>

Gijs van der Velden

Founder of MX3D

<span style="color: #23e286;">Laurent Rosset</span>

Laurent Rosset

Project leader at 3XN

<span style="color: #23e286;">Aleksander Kongshaug</span>

Aleksander Kongshaug

Project leader at GXN

<span style="color: #23e286;">Andrew Bruno</span>

Andrew Bruno

Founder of One House Per Day

<span style="color: #23e286;">Rens Wijnakker</span>

Rens Wijnakker

Senior landscape architect at FABRICations

<span style="color: #23e286;">Marko Riboškić</span>

Marko Riboškić

Founder of Archiboom

<span style="color: #23e286;">Claudia Livia</span>

Claudia Livia


<span style="color: #23e286;">Jose Morandeira</span>

Jose Morandeira

Founder of Arqpedia and Designer at KCAP

<span style="color: #23e286;">Francisco Rivera</span>

Francisco Rivera

Founder of Axo_Madness

<span style="color: #23e286;">Dai Wanjun</span>

Dai Wanjun

Vice Manager of the Shandong Li Guizu Cultural Development

<span style="color: #23e286;">Carlos Gonzalvo</span>

Carlos Gonzalvo

Founder of BETA Architecture

<span style="color: #23e286;">Francesco Decaro</span>

Francesco Decaro

Founder of C_A_G_E

<span style="color: #23e286;">Fernando Ceña</span>

Fernando Ceña

Associate at Meis Architects New York

<span style="color: #23e286;">Giulia Sonetti</span>

Giulia Sonetti

Assistant professor at Politecnico di Torino, Sustainability Specialist at Green Team

<span style="color: #23e286;">Giulio Verdini</span>

Giulio Verdini

Reader at the School of Architecture and Cities of the University of Westminster, member of ILAUD

<span style="color: #23e286;">Irene Luque Martin</span>

Irene Luque Martin

Senior Project Leader at MVRDV

<span style="color: #23e286;">Hidden Architecture</span>

Hidden Architecture

Alberto Martinez Garcia & Hector Rivera Bajo

<span style="color: #23e286;">Jos-Willem van Oorschot </span>

Jos-Willem van Oorschot

Architect Partner and Director of VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism

<span style="color: #23e286;">Joyce van den Berg</span>

Joyce van den Berg

Head Landscape Architect at the City of Amsterdam

<span style="color: #23e286;">Jules Gallissian</span>

Jules Gallissian

Architect Urbanist at Snøhetta

<span style="color: #23e286;">Markus Appenzeller</span>

Markus Appenzeller

Director and Partner at MLA+

<span style="color: #23e286;">Megan Born</span>

Megan Born

Senior Associate at James Corner Field Operations

<span style="color: #23e286;">Nicole Smolenski</span>

Nicole Smolenski

Associate at Populous

<span style="color: #23e286;">Enno Zuidema</span>

Enno Zuidema

Head of Urban Development at MVRDV

<span style="color: #23e286;">WU Zhonglin</span>

WU Zhonglin

President of Shouqing Aolv Investment Management

<span style="color: #23e286;">XU Jia</span>

XU Jia

Vice Manager of Beijing Tourist Scenic Investment Management

<span style="color: #23e286;">Steven Rubio</span>

Steven Rubio

Founder of Show It Better

<span style="color: #23e286;">Paola Bonini</span>

Paola Bonini

Rai Digital Consultant and Professor Adjunct, University of Bologna

<span style="color: #23e286;">Yunil Nam</span>

Yunil Nam

Artist/Architectural Designer at WestonWilliamson+Partners

<span style="color: #23e286;">Capsula Mundi Designers</span>

Capsula Mundi Designers

Anna Citelli & Raoul Bretzel

<span style="color: #23e286;">Socks-studio &  MICROCITIES</span>

Socks-studio & MICROCITIES

Mariabruna Fabrizi & Fosco Lucarelli

<span style="color: #23e286;">Seetal Solanki</span>

Seetal Solanki

Director and founder of studio Ma-tt-er

<span style="color: #23e286;">Prue Chiles</span>

Prue Chiles

Professor at Newcastle University

<span style="color: #23e286;">Arjen Wals</span>

Arjen Wals

Unesco Chair at WUR

<span style="color: #23e286;">Astrid Piber</span>

Astrid Piber

Partner at UNStudio

<span style="color: #23e286;">Maria Eugenia Latournerie</span>

Maria Eugenia Latournerie

Workplace Research Specialist at Haworth

<span style="color: #23e286;">Mirek Claßen</span>

Mirek Claßen

Parametric Design and Head of Innovation at NowLab@BigRep, co-founder of Makeathon.cc

<span style="color: #23e286;">DigitaLabs</span>


Ana Fonseca & Brimet Silva

<span style="color: #23e286;">Lukas Feireiss</span>

Lukas Feireiss

Founder of studio Lukas Feireiss

<span style="color: #23e286;">Rebeca Sanchez</span>

Rebeca Sanchez


<span style="color: #23e286;">Miquel Clot</span>

Miquel Clot


<span style="color: #23e286;">Marc Roma Trepat Perez</span>

Marc Roma Trepat Perez

Architect at B\TA and co-founder of Heads&Tails INC

<span style="color: #23e286;">Filippo Maria Doria</span>

Filippo Maria Doria

Architect and Researcher PHD at TU Delft

<span style="color: #23e286;">Natascha Meuser</span>

Natascha Meuser

Co-Founder of Meuser Architects and DOM publishers, professor at Hochschule Anhalt Dessau

<span style="color: #23e286;">Harry Parr</span>

Harry Parr

Founder and Director of Bompas and Parr

<span style="color: #23e286;">Chiara Tonelli</span>

Chiara Tonelli

Professor of Architecture at Roma Tre University

<span style="color: #23e286;">William Lewis</span>

William Lewis

Associate, RA, SHoP Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Hector Garcia-Castrillo</span>

Hector Garcia-Castrillo

Architect at BIG

<span style="color: #23e286;">Jordan Pitruzzella</span>

Jordan Pitruzzella

Winner of Re-Draw.01 NonA competition, founder of i.l.a.u. Itinerant Laboratory of Architecture and Urbanism

<span style="color: #23e286;">Stephane Hof</span>

Stephane Hof

Founding partner of Hoffice

<span style="color: #23e286;">Laurent Rosset</span>

Laurent Rosset

Creator of Lorystripes Architect at CEBRA

<span style="color: #23e286;">Aldo Sollazzo</span>

Aldo Sollazzo

Founding partner of Noumena Researcher at IAAC, Barcelona

<span style="color: #23e286;">Inanc Eray</span>

Inanc Eray

Founding partner of Eray/Carbajo Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Alex Hogrefe</span>

Alex Hogrefe

Founder of VisualazingArchitecture

<span style="color: #23e286;">Nuno Brandão Costa</span>

Nuno Brandão Costa

Founder and director of Brandão Costa Arquitectos

<span style="color: #23e286;">Matus Nedecky</span>

Matus Nedecky

Founder of FlyingArchitecture

<span style="color: #23e286;">Amirreza Rakhshani</span>

Amirreza Rakhshani

Founder of Archit Magazine

<span style="color: #23e286;">Maura Ambrosiano</span>

Maura Ambrosiano

Associate Partner of Foster&Partners

<span style="color: #23e286;">Land Art Generator Initiative</span>

Land Art Generator Initiative

Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry

<span style="color: #23e286;">Francesca Cesa Bianchi</span>

Francesca Cesa Bianchi

Partner and Project Director at Stefano Boeri Architetti

<span style="color: #23e286;">Paolo Russo</span>

Paolo Russo

Design Team Leader and Expert in sustainable design and green architecture at Stefano Boeri Architetti

<span style="color: #23e286;">Inanc Eray</span>

Inanc Eray

Partner of SOUR Studio

<span style="color: #23e286;">Olivia Bina</span>

Olivia Bina

Principal Researcher at the University of Lisbon, Professor at the Department of Geography and Resource Management at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

<span style="color: #23e286;">Helge Lunders</span>

Helge Lunders

Archtiect and Founding Partner of MDH Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Annalisa Metta</span>

Annalisa Metta

Architect, PhD in Landscape and Garden Design, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Roma Tre University (IT)

<span style="color: #23e286;">Ashley Andrykovitch</span>

Ashley Andrykovitch

Curator of Education at Fallingwater Foundation

<span style="color: #23e286;">Justin Gunther</span>

Justin Gunther

Vice President of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Director of Fallingwater

<span style="color: #23e286;">Amanda Sturgeon</span>

Amanda Sturgeon

Head of Regenerative Design Strategy at global consultancy firm Mott MacDonald (Sydney)

<span style="color: #23e286;">Helen Brennek</span>

Helen Brennek

Director of Sustainability at MGA | Michael Green Architecture

<span style="color: #23e286;">Paolo di Pasquale</span>

Paolo di Pasquale

Architect, Lighting designer & Co-Founder of Retake Roma

<span style="color: #23e286;">Federico Aveni Cirino</span>

Federico Aveni Cirino

Architect & Co-Founder of Retake Roma

<span style="color: #23e286;">Francesco Garofalo</span>

Francesco Garofalo

Founder of Open Fabric

<span style="color: #23e286;">Wenchi Yang</span>

Wenchi Yang

Associate Architect at Tekuma Frenchman

<span style="color: #23e286;">Corinna Dean</span>

Corinna Dean

Professor at the University of Westminster, Urbanist and Curator

<span style="color: #23e286;">Kasmir Jolma</span>

Kasmir Jolma

Co-founder of Jolma Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Ashley D. Penn</span>

Ashley D. Penn

Landscape architect MARK at Jolma Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Federico Scopinich</span>

Federico Scopinich

Urban, Landscape Planner and General Manager at Land

<span style="color: #23e286;">Samuel Gonçalves</span>

Samuel Gonçalves

Founder of Summary Architecture Studio

<span style="color: #23e286;">Lu Yun</span>

Lu Yun

Founding Partner and Principal Architect at MUDA Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Mariana Cabugueira</span>

Mariana Cabugueira

Senior Architectural Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects

<span style="color: #23e286;">Murat Germen</span>

Murat Germen

Artist, Academic and Photographer

<span style="color: #23e286;">noa* | network of architecture</span>

noa* | network of architecture

Stefan Rier & Lukas Rungger

<span style="color: #23e286;">SHSH ARCHITECTURE + SCENOGRAPHY</span>


Shizuka Hariu & Shin Bogdan Hagiwara, co-directors

<span style="color: #23e286;">Fosbury Architecture</span>

Fosbury Architecture

Giacomo Ardesio, Alessandro Bonizzoni, Nicola Campri, Veronica Caprino & Claudia Mainardi

<span style="color: #23e286;">Valentina Sumini</span>

Valentina Sumini

Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano and Space Architect and Engineer Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab within Space Exploration Initiative and Responsive Environments

<span style="color: #23e286;">Barbara Imhof</span>

Barbara Imhof

Manager Partner and Co-Owner of Liquifer © Natascha Unkart/Studio Koekart

<span style="color: #23e286;">Vittorio Netti</span>

Vittorio Netti

Space Architecture Consultant at Hassell

<span style="color: #23e286;">Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro</span>

Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro

Professors of Space4InspirAction in Politecnico in Milan and founders of (a+b)

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