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The Non Architecture Journal is an open container to engage with Non Architectural content. Within the framework of the journal, we share content from the Non Architecture community and tailored insights from our editorial team.  The Journal plays a role in the Non Architecture Research Ecosystem by aligning its editorial line to the themes of the ongoing contests and providing useful inspiration for the designers involved. It also acts as an accessible legacy and evergoing discussion once the competitions are over.


At Non Architecture, we are an open community involved in sharing knowledge about architecture and non architecture, always looking for fresh ideas.
Currently more than 2000 people have been involved in Non Architecture, from 150 different countries.
On our platform, there are more than 1000 posts. We organized several international design competitions and we published several books as well. Our website has 20000 page views and 5000 different users from more than 70 countries every month.
We don’t want your efforts and your works to go to waste by leaving them stuck into your laptop.
So send us your work and give it the right exposure. We are looking forward to spreading your work!


To submit an Article, a Project, a News, or an Event, please follow these steps:

  2. Fill the content in the form that you would like to publish on the Journal.
  3. Add the visual materials to the file, clearly indicating where it should be pasted – following the example in the submission template.
  4. Add the #TAGS you find more appropriate.
  5. You can also attach a video, source, etc. in form of a link.
  6. Name the visual materials with numbers, in order of appearance.
  7. Please indicate which image would you like to use as the feature image – it is going to serve as the cover image for the journal post.
  8. Attach the template and all visual materials to an email OR upload them in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder.
  9. Send it to
  10. Done!

You will be contacted within one week to be updated about the status of your article.

In case of any questions connected with the Non Architecture Journal, please contact our team member at

Quick tips: Keep it snappy, write for a general audience, your item should be informative for the audience, not solely for advertising, include pictures, before submitting a post check out previously published posts!

Please note: If the content does not conform to our editorial policies, it is offensive, it is not original, is plagiarized, or is a duplication of other’s work, our Editorial team will reserve the right to reject it.