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A capitalist Tale



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Elders say that once my city were so full of trees that a squirrel could cross it from top to bottom without touching the ground. But the city grew until it became a mass of concrete. Then Capitalism asked the Architect what to do to make people buy more. The architect replied that they needed to fill the streets with trees to make them more friendly. Capitalism, which was always looking for a way for people to buy more and more, decided to listen to the Architect. And it worked.

But one day, people started buying differently: they no longer had to move to the stores, products came flying through the air to the roofs of their buildings. Capitalism was delighted with this new system, which was much cheaper. However, the roofs were ugly, full of air conditioners and antennas and people did´t like to go up there. So Capitalism asked to the Architect again. Then the Architect suggested covering the roofs with artificial trees. “Light structures made of recycled materials that are covered with dense vegetation”.

And so it was done.

This is how the architect got the area occupied by the city to be covered with trees again.