A script for dining - Non Architecture

A script for dining

TEAM: Jonas Chin – Canadian – University of Waterloo School of Architecture


The process of distilling extraordinary moments from the everyday is an art derived from necessity. Architecture and culinary practices are similar in their frequent and necessary appearances in our daily lives, and constantly invite us to enhance our sense of life through the creation of something beautiful. The design of food elevates a routine into a ritual. The intersection between the four spaces – the context, the kitchen, the table and the body – is what creates the design of the culinary experience. The project consists of three menus. For the chef who is the composer, the concertmaster, and the performer that executes from the preparation to the grand finale. The recipes to the chef are the musical scores to the musician, both containing information of time, tempo, roles, sequence, and movements. For the server the layout of the experience begins with the place setting, and extends to the spatial relationship of the diner with other characters in the performance. For the diner the table is a social machinery that field the tension and drama of a meal and the social order that accompanies it, with the menu presented in clear lettering and should inform the order of service.