ACME - Non Architecture


TEAM: Erica Nonis – Italy – University IUAV of Venice

A City Making Everything

ACME is a city that makes everything. ACME is a network that crosses the city from different directions creating new paths and new possibilities. The factory is not separated any more from the liveable spaces of the city; it is not set in the suburbs, it is now part of the city itself. You live where you work, you love where you are: an interspersion of different functions creates a new way of living the urbanity of your place: you are part of the urban space. ACME is conceived as an excellent producing system (ακμή “acme” means excellence) that tries to create a pleasant work space and give to its workers the wellbeing that they need. People crossing the city find many small industrial pavilions allocated in it as if they were object trouvee and can both discover their city and work in a new, different way. These pavillions, that are seen as the typical industrial building broken down in thousands of pieces, create a network against the alienation caused by the common factory world and fulfill all empty and abandon urban spaces. Thanks to ACME you can assemble all the objects you need by yourself while crossing the city in search of each necessary productive pavilion.