ÆDI(B)LE - Non Architecture


TEAM: Vittoria Bonini, Paolo Galelli, Alessio Minetto, Italy


24th January 2018

Ædi(b)le welcomes you! We look forward to your visit at The Giant Lasagna.

Our address is Piazza della Costituzione in Bologna. Look out for a large red arrow, which will direct you towards our entrance. You are welcome to join anytime from 11:30 am. Last entry is at 10:00pm.

Bring the card you used to book tickets as proof of purchase. There is no physical ticket. Please arrive with your whole group.

We would deeply appreciate it if you could dress for the occasion, remember: you will be free to grab lasagnas portions off the walls and get dirty as much as you like.

We would kindly ask that you refrain from sharing any images or videos online so as to keep the surprise for others.


– Ædi(b)le