Banquet Exquis - Non Architecture

Banquet Exquis

TEAM: Judith Portier, Vivia Hally, Isabelle Raymond, Myriam Peixeiro. Quebec, Canada, Design par Judith Portier inc.

Culinary performance inspired by the surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse

Presented as the inaugurating event of the KM3 public art event on August 30, 2017 by Quartier des Spectacle, Banquet Exquis is a neighbourhood banquet crafted from Montrealers’ most treasured culinary memories. Gathered on a very long table, people were invited to share souvenirs and associate ingredients with the showcased stories, thus creating interesting encounters with other participants.

From each story, a word and an ingredient inspired a poetic pantry. Throughout the evening, participants had the chance to pick a word to create absurd poems… and menus! Chefs then improvised delicious creations on the spot. This concept initiates a reflexion on food waste as it promotes the idea of «making the best with what you have ». The principle of unplanned menus allows chefs to repurpose ‘unloved’ foods or remainings.

The experience of live cooking for hundreds of people in a strict timeline makes this unconventional gathering a unique choreography for the pleasure of obervants as well as participants. Located in one of the most festive Montreal’s public spaces, Banquet Exquis was a collective and inclusive one-night adventure for eyes and taste.

5 hours, 100 ingredients, 8 chefs, 4 kitchens, 12 poems, 1000 plates of food, countless stories to tell.