BEYONDTHEPLATES - Non Architecture


TEAM: Kaito Choy – Asian American


Sharing stories through food

In this day and age we live in, food goes beyond the simple means of nourishment. We now feed not only our stomach but also our mind, an example would be Jiro Ono’s passion for his craft as displayed in Jiro’s Dream of Sushi (Documentary). His dedication inspires and elevates us for a more mindful consumption habit. Undoubtedly, a chef’s inspirations and personality is now moving to the forefront, directly affecting the way we taste. What if we were to take that beyond and connect the chef with the diners? How do we feed beyond our palette and enrich our taste through stories and ideas?

BEYONDTHEPLATES is a new way to better connect the chef and the guests. The diners make a reservation in this restaurant. A program then sifts through the provided social media information of each guests and creates an inspiration feed to inspire the chef. The chef then takes the inspiration forward and design a unique full course menu experience.  During service, each course will be brought to life through the connection that it brings to the guest. Stories, traditions, and passions can then be shared and tasted in the common ground of a dining table.