Bubble Trouble - Non Architecture

Bubble Trouble

SELECTED BY: Maria Eugenia Latournerie


TEAM: Julia Barashkova
Nationality: Russian, Israeli
Institution: Tel Aviv University


Missed your train? No worries, your office is here


The project is based on the theory of the French anthropologist Marc Augé of “Non – Places”. According to Augé, non – places are created by the rupture of historic, social or local connections. This is especially true for places that have a time-based function rather than a space-based function, namely, waiting instead of walking. The project proposes the dissolution of working and productivity functions in the urban space around train, bus and subway stations, thus redefines them by their new use. The planning method used for this project is extroverted and allows the bubbles to spread in the urban space. The smaller bubbles seen here are used as street furniture for collaborative work, and inspirational brainstorming. While the larger bubbles are enclosed rooms for more concentrated, focused independent work. The bubbles connect to each other in different ways to create a large variety of usable spots. The bubbles provide electricity, light and Wi-Fi connection and operate on solar panels, thus contributing to the city instead of consuming resources.