Chero - Non Architecture


TEAM: Fernanda Graciano, Higor Nobre, Thyago Chesmam, Danilo Piai, Fernando Souza – Brazilian


CHÊRO /òˈe.ɽʊ/: The experience of eating with smell as a protagonist.

How to send all of our senses to the background and bring to the first layer the smell? No distractions. This is a ritual, a visceral experience to make you being captured by a moment, where you are completely immersed on the act of eating, and feeling the food.

Chêrois a restaurant where instead of a menu, guests are taken to different floors. Each floor a plate. The door opens, the smell invades the lift and one decides whether to go on or try the deepest levels.
Shadows and light play as a frame for smell. The experience of eating deserves to be felt from a perspective where the vision is not the main actor. Constant stimulation of vision through all the virtual lives we lead, many pictures getting so fast to our hands is a scenario that calls for a pause. Follow your feeling, feel the aroma.
The restaurant is a buried structure, comes from an Iceberg logic that one can see from street level only a tiny fraction of what it is. When inside, subtle lights oriented to the floor will show you where to step.