Dandelion2100 - Non Architecture


Cherie + Chan


(Aug 2013-May 2018) National University of Singapore

(Jul 2019-) RDC Architects Pte Ltd


Dandelion2100: A Growing Dynamic of Letting Go Beyond Year 2100







Dandelion2100 is a sensitive and poetic, yet bold design proposal that changes our conceptualisation of life and death, temporary and eternal, material and immaterial, cultural and religious differences, whilst offering a new discourse about coping with the loss of beloved ones. Embracing the philosophy of dualism and the potentials of advanced technology with virtual reality, an emotional and suggestive carefully articulated journey is proposed to help recover from the loss and appreciate life with all its perfections and imperfections again. Symbolically set in the protected nature reserve (MacRitchie Reservoir), Dandelion2100 is a brave response to the shrinkage of heritage and cemetery spaces in Singapore, aiming to protect while being protected.


Dandelion2100 stems from the personal fear of losing my grandmother.




father and mother figure

roommate (from my birth to her death)

totem animal heroine

in totality, my world


The development of Dandelion2100 has been emotive, with my grandmother’s sudden passing. Beyond a theory, the experience and rationale couldn’t have been more heartfelt. Today, every visit to Mandai columbarium brings me to the phase of Veneration, Exit, and Back on the Street with such accuracy.


(Dedicated to the love of my life. Ahma I miss you so.)



P.S. Please do refer to Dandelion2100_Report within the ZIP folder to better contextualise and comprehend the project, Dandelion2100