DREAM MACHINE - Non Architecture


TEAM: Ángel Enrique Cuadrado González, Lucía Heras Molina – Spanish – Estudio New:Old.

Making dreams to improve cities

In a short time, digital fabrication and 3D printing have led an industrial revolution unprecedented in history, staking all methods and manufacturing techniques objects. If we add its application in robotics and renewable energies, all combined would create a factory-machine that it was capable of producing on its own elements that could be applied in cities, either to improve the quality of life, either for recover in devastated or abandoned areas.

The “factory” that we propose moves away from traditional, fixed and physical space, and we transform it into an independent, mobile and autonomous factory that combine all of these technologies mentioned and implant itself the designs the users send it (through Bluetooth, Cloud…).

The elements that integrate the Production Area are:

  • A CNC machine and a 3D printer that produces large format pieces.
  • Distributors that carry these pieces to be assembled.
  • Assembly area.
  • A handling robot arm and another binding robot arm.
  • A platform with a robot arm to place the object produced.

Finally, the installations that feed this mobile factory consist of two steerable photovoltaic panels and an aerostatic balloon with a wind generator. They are responsible for providing energy to all machines.