DREAM PROVIDER - Non Architecture


TEAM: Wewin Inge – Indonesian – University of Sumatera Utara

An ALL-YOU-CAN-DO Dream Job Provider

Dream-Provider Factory is an Indonesia’s massive, innovative, and poverty solution’s factory; located float in Sawarna Beach, Lake Toba, Pink Beach and many more as necessary, which are some of Indonesia’s natural beauty. A show-off and trigger of this country’s ample, supply of natural resources, the extraction and refining of fossil fuels and other minerals, therefor Indonesia has the Newly Industrial Country’s potential to begin with. Despite of those richness world sources, income generator and industries, Indonesia do have increasing workplaces, populations and employment providers, yet decreasing unemployment year after year.

Indonesia’s unemployment rate is 5,94% from total population of 238million people, approximately 7,45million people are jobless. The biggest factors of the unexpected problem in this developing country are over-population, high demand workforce and limited choice of life purpose. So here it is, the ALL-YOU-CAN-DO and DO-WHAT-YOU-LOVE factory presents.

Future factory’s technology transformation such as online product trading, robotics and 3D printing are not big deals anymore. Simply rent/buy/borrow a prefab ALL-SIZE box, and do the business! Mass productions, industrial exhibition/fair, industrial import-export, online groceries, internship, even creating a Google-Like working atmosphere office! Individually or companies are welcome too! Say no to JOBLESS, say yes to BETTER FUTURE!