ExerciseExpress - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: George Bradford-Smith, Victoria Leyland – British – Northumbria University


A new kind of transport for the modern commuter

The London commuter’s wastefully laborious journey through melancholy smog filled tunnels to work, is coming to an end, as the new Circle Line introduces an alternative means of travel for underground passengers, whereby people exercise in unison with iconic electric machines. Beautifully crafted, these golden revolving mechanisms identify every passenger individually through a personalised smart card, allowing the equipment to dictate the amount of resistance needed for each passenger to migrate seamlessly around London.

The new radical tube line integrates commuters travelling time, with regular morning and evening exercise, subsequently increasing mental well being, physical fitness, concentration and expanding a passengers daily efficiency, whilst also challenging the capital cities unhealthy connotations with an alternative transport system and a colourful uplifting design palette.

These multifaceted buildings built along the tube line, provides a platform that integrates fast and efficient underground travel with a healthy, social and safe environment creating a rare gateway opportunity for users to learn new life transferable skills that move away from slouching, screened office environments and towards memorable outdoor adventures.