TEAM: Naomi Rubbra, Leopold Taylor, Felix Yates – British – Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

We are a society engrossed in consumption. Our persistent pursuit of possession is a product of lies that we have been taught; where objects become the means to reach an instinctive, yet untenable goal of true happiness.

As the producer of artefacts, the factory plays a significant role in this process. But what if the factory set out to address the root cause of consumerism? What if a factory could transform the person from a mechanism of incessant consumption into a being of utter contentedness?

We propose a world in which consumerism becomes redundant. Where the factory doesn’t contribute to the problem, but becomes the solution. A Factory Toward Fulfilment takes stock from those brave enough to break away from the conventions of the status quo [Fig. 1].

For those who choose this route, our architecture provides an ascending assembly of desires – each floor an overindulgent excess [Fig. 2].

In this way, a moving conveyor-belt of society experience their materialist lifestyles to the extreme – drowning in fur coats, sick from eating too much cake, burning away a lifetime of video gaming in one fell swoop.

The output creates a world free from materialism. Is this not a simpler, and more beautiful place [Fig. 3]?