faSTARfood - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Zuzanna Mariola Gąszczak, Maciej Kwaśniewski – Polish


the taste of heaven at your fingertips 

Our mission is to provide an exceptional dining experience at any time and place. Faster than ever before! We are focused on delivering the highest quality in an explosion of tastes! It is a world-class healthy food experience available worldwide at any given moment.

here is how it works:

The global faSTAR food service provides fresh meals all around the World. We operate several thousand satellites scattered evenly, on the high orbit around the planet Earth. Each one functions individually and can relocate if necessary. A wide variety of different dishes is safely stored within each unit in the temperature around 200ºC below zero in the vacuum of space. The selected and ordered product is shot out on a precisely calculated trajectory. Upon hi-speed entry into the atmosphere of Earth, the friction heats and cooks the product. After a short while, the capsule slows down landing in a precise location selected by our customer – the meal is ready!

in addition:

The system is also useful in a case of emergency as an immediate way of delivering food rations to places of natural cataclysms as well as to the developing countries.