Find yourself hotel - Non Architecture Competitions

Find yourself hotel

TEAM: Aleksei Snetkov, Katya Shomesova, Anastasia Popova – MArhI Moscow Institute of Architecture

Today – room 507

57°54’30.2”N 33°48’19.7”E

Tomorrow – room 508

62°28’32.4”;N 30°38’35.2”E

the day after – room 509

67°38’04.6”N 15°47’03.9”E

etc. – room …

78°48’30.3”N 16°54’03.3”E

..°..’….”N ..°..’….”E

In the world of new media and communication shouldn’t we recover our awerness of reality?

We propose a series of “rooms” scattered across the globe consisting of a white structure that

serves as a marker of presense in which a mirrored glass box is placed, that disolves in any landscape.

travel in a “primitive” way but regain connection with nature?

It’s the journey that counts, not the destination !


Selected by Nuno Brandão da Costa