FLYING FACTORY - Non Architecture


TEAM: Zheng Cui, Siyang Yu – Chinese – Harvard and Upenn

China is expecting 1 billion people living in cities by 2030. To transform half a billion people from rural villagers to urban residents in the next three decades will require a colossal amount of investment in urban infrastructure and real estate. Meanwhile, with the rapid growth of economy, especially e-commerce, mega packing centers and large manufacture & supplier centers are mushrooming in urban area, grabbing lands resources, and bringing environmental pollutions. Flying Factory is trying to resolve this conflict.

The factory is lifted by drones, big and small, powered by solar system, with great mobility and zero land coverage. Products are assembled by working robots and delivered by smart drones, through online orders. Entire factory could move to certain locations at different times, such as city center during day time, and suburban residential area at night. People at office or home will get their packages in minutes.