Food Ship - Non Architecture Competitions

Food Ship

TEAM: Maria Charchalaki, Natalia Zakopoulou – Greek


rocket ship – type of spacecraft

ship (sth) to (sb) – send sth to sb

FoodShip is a proposal that aims at highlighting the importance of home-made food, the reduction of daily food waste, the variety of flavors enriched by every culture, the interaction between involved individuals, as well as at strengthening the relationships between its members within the city. Chef and client could be anyone, without the need of specialists and with the potential to alternate roles between the two. The FoodShip consists of an application which lets you choose the homemade meal and chef of your preference, as well as the proposed type of the delivery rocket, which could accommodate from one to four people. The FoodShip comes to pick you up automatically from anywhere in the city and transports you to your favorite chef’s private window, or even to space and beyond. Inside the hovering space of the rocket, you are hosted in its seats, served the meal by the selected chef and you could enjoy it while having a conversation, overlooking the city.