i - Non Architecture


TEAM: Massotte Julien, Pitruzzella Jordan – French – INSA Strasbourg, ENSA Strasbourg

Something Else

Museum. A place where fragments of the world are displayed that creates a specific emotionnal condition. A place where all these fragments make sense through the spectator experience. Imagination is the real museum. Isn’t the space of current museums the limit of imagination ? A place where you do not have the choice to see what you want, and in which you wander, full of hope, expecting to find something that will transcend you just for a moment. What if this experience becomes unlimited ? Without any notion of space. Without any concept of time. Just focusing on your own emotion. Maybe the solution is just in your pocket. A solution that you are walking with all the time. A little pill which that free your mind of all the preexisting ideas. A little pill that will enhance your experience of your own life. A little pill that will be with you all the time in case you need to update your sensibility again. Just by seeing, touching, feeling the taste, you will reborn. The trip is not the museum anymore. The trip is your whole life. But maybe everything began, before you eat anything. Be high, take i.

SELECTED BY: Hector Garcia-Castrillo