TEAM: Sara Siricio – Italian – Università degli studi di Napoli “Federico II”

How to arrange a factory between an unbuilt land and a village

The factory is located in Mettmenstetten, a small village near Zurich, at the boundary between an unbuilt area and the village itself. The company produces sliding hardware systems, like furniture and sliding doors.

The design takes into consideration these two aspects: the lack of public spaces and the buildings aggregration around a green semiprivate courtyard.

The aim is to create an interaction between the factory and the village, to offer the inhabitants new common spaces between the industrial area and the civil one.

The volums define a big public square, that is connected to the factory through a third element, a portico, which is the filter between the inside and the outside, the private area and the public one.

The buildings and the portico position creates views on the landscape.

A pedestrian rail crossing allows the village people to reach the factory and its facilities.

The bottom of the square houses the production areas, connected to a warehouse. The two wings that opens on the railway station house public facilities like a canteen, cafes, a gym, the factory showroom and the rail ticket office. They all can serve both the workers and the inhabitants.