JUST DO EAT - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Joanna Paska, Weronika Mazurek – Poland


the net of kitchen units


  • kitchen unit
  • some chefs[1]
  • a few customers[2]
  • an app[3]
  • a sponsor[4]

Chef’s directions:

Reserve a kitchen, buy ingredients and cook something delicious!

Serve it, register in an app: add photo, allergens, price, share it. Put it in a food locker.

Clean a kitchen after all.

Eater’s directions:

Hungry? Check out meals nearby.

Choose something, pay for it and get a code.

Pick up your meal and heat it if it’s needed.

Eat and enjoy it !

Rate a chef and his/her dish.


Food locker opens after 48h by itself. Anyone can take a food – nothing is wasted.

If kitchen is dirty report it!

[1] Someone who: doesn’t own a kitchen or it’s far away; considers opening his/her own bistro and needs a feedback; just loves to cook!

[2]Someone who: doesn’t cook; wants to try new dishes; supports young chefs; is looking for an alternative for fancy restaurants with expensive food; just loves to eat!

[3] An application which connects chefs and eaters, create food community; people can share costs of their daily maintenance and exchange opinions about chefs. It surprises with menu every day!

[4] For example: a kitchen appliances company, restaurants, food supplier, municipality, advertiser…