MAD OFFICE - Non Architecture


TEAM: Federica Fogazzi, Matteo Pavanello (University of Ferrara), Italian

Mad Office

The physical, economic and social environments in which modern humans sit or move within the contexts of their daily lives have been changing rapidly, and particularly so since the middle of the last century. These changes -in transportation, communications, workplace and domestic-entertainment technologies- have been associated with significantly reduced demands for physical activity. Moreover, these reductions in the environmental demands for being physically active, are associated with less free time, frenetic lifestyles and long hours spent in front of the computer in order to be connected with colleagues across all time zones.

These are perfect reasons and excuses to avoid daily physical activities, but what if the office become our training place? Mad Office integrates new surfaces, furniture, configurations and connections in an ordinary office building to stimulate physical activities. The reward for staff is the offer of constant movements and fun while getting healthier. Tennis fields, slopes, ramps, swimming pools, trampolines, jumping nets, climbing walls, wing suits spots and tibetan bridges bring action, reduce the stress and facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, Mad office provides services and a pleasant working atmosphere.