MAKING HOPE - Non Architecture


TEAM: Christopher Bressler (American) – Vivek Njanappilly Vijayan (Indian) – Syracuse University School of Architecture

Every thirty minutes a farmer dies in India. More than 70 % of the country’s population relies on agrarian activities and this makes the loss of life a national issue with dire implications. Causes behind the “Epidemic” range from climate change and debt to corrupt and inept governance.

CEO of the Silicon Valley giant, I inc., Sandeep Panday gave a presentation at NEDTALKS, Mumbai on this issue. Short excerpt below:

The farmer [pause]…. Who was once the bedrock of this great nation, is now a picture of death and despair. The problem seems complex but the answer is simple [pause]. The answer is HOPE [emphasize]. I, you and us, we are that HOPE [small pause]. HOPE isn’t merely infrastructure, HOPE is about people, and a future of HOPE is what we at I inc. can deliver for our suffering brothers and sisters [pause].

Presenting to you, The Tree project: a state of the art network of Rapid Deployment Towers designed to extend and establish internet connectivity for all. Utilizing government subsidies and the most current generation of sustainable technologies, we have developed an inexpensive product powered entirely by renewable energy. Our competitors at Boogle want to deploy Wi-Fi balloons [scoff], but we at I inc. deem it necessary to enrich local communities with a monumental ground presence. Our Trees will be “internet factories”, manufacturing connections globally and locally, while updating and informing users about the latest in entertainment, fashion, shopping and technology.

The Tree project will shed light on the benevolent side of life, a life currently over shadowed by hardships.

A tree OF HOPE. A tree FOR HOPE [pause for applause].