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My Nana’s

TEAM: Tania Paramita Utomo, Indonesia


If there is one thing in common about grandmothers around the world, it’s that they always want to make sure you are well fed. These underappreciated alchemists are some of the most experienced cooks in the world; even the best restaurants can’t come close to the quality of their home cooking. Exemplifying the timeless wisdom of previous generations, their cooking are thrifty, intuitive, inherently seasonal, delicious, and best of all, they are made especially for you.

Over the last decades people have lost touch with cooking’s familial, communal, and cultural significances. My Nana’s, following the internet-age business models such as Uber and Airbnb, is a platform that promotes underutilized assets (your grandma’s cooking) into income generating opportunities. We recognize there are so many grandmas who long for their grandchildren to visit and enjoy their meal, and there are so many of you who crave your grandma’s cooking. Through MyNana’s, you no longer have to wait for thanksgiving to savor your grandma’s famous casserole. Travelers can also experience an authentic culinary tradition passed down through generations, and experience a deep cultural exchange.

Come dine at My Nana’s. Where everything is homemade and cooked with love.


SELECTED BY: Natascha Meuser