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Newerwhere INC

TEAM: Gleb Goncharenko, Ksenia Zabardygina, Russia.



A new place for your soul

#digitization #space #reunion #immortality #technology

Someone from your family died? Or maybe you are dead? No problem! Now you have where to spend your endless vacation.

The Corporation NEVERWHERE offers you eternal life on our small “island”. Do not worry about your body, your brain will be digitized and the personality will be uploaded to the server, and the body will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Also now your living relatives and friends can see you. Thanks to our new development, living people can connect to servers NEWERWHERE and spend time with the “dead” (now they are called incorporeal) their free time.

To find out the details and cost of services, please contact us at the office or by email.

And remember NEVERWHERE the best place for your soul.