NIMA - Non Architecture


TEAM: Ioanna Athina Papageorgiou, Marios Salatas – Greek – Architect Engineer

The “NIMA project”_ a cooperative threads’ industry of recycled textiles

It is about a spinning factory that produces yarns and threads [nima*] through a special elaboration of used pieces of clothing. This factory could be located on Greek cities (or industrial areas), whereas similar activities used to be undertaken. On that way, it is able to be achieved a double goal. Firstly, residents of those places can be reconnected to their old customs and this type of industry can be revived. Secondly, local economy could be flourished, or at least be relieved from the acute economic crisis. Furthermore, apart from the process of making threads, this enterprise could hold courses of knitting. Finally, it is important the fact that individuals should bring old textiles and clothes. That presupposes a vivid network of “incomers and outcomerS”, which enhances the socialiSation of the city and extends the experience and knowledge of citizens. Production, cooperation, recycling and knitting classes are the main functions of this redefined threads’ industry. Hence, this factory is an anthropocentric capacitor of creation and communication, which attends to abolish the typical machines’ set-up. It is a pole in the city which strives to turn into a generator of financial and societal development.

*nima means threads in greek language