Office Anywhere - Non Architecture

Office Anywhere

SELECTED BY: Ana Fonseca and Brimet Silva


TEAM: Anne Ma
Nationality: Canadian

Work, Wherever, Whenever

Introducing Office Anywhere, the all-in-one utility hardware for businesses ranging from fledgling start-up to scaling companies. In a world where physical space comes at a premium, time is scarce, and collaboration is key, OA offers the ultimate productivity alternative – the virtual office.

The lightweight headgear utilizes the latest Mixed Reality technology to augment the safety of your daily activities with the perfect virtual work environment. Complete with tracking sensors, GPS location, smartphone sync, proprietary virtual office software and more, OA offers the best user-friendly interface for productivity and efficiency.

Forgot to walk your dog? Not a problem. Need to rest your back on a flat surface? Switch up your physical location without losing your momentum in the office. Looking to redecorate your office space for a change of environment? OA offers a range of customizable interior finishes and furniture selections to suit every aesthetic sense without the hassle of a full renovation.

Finally, OA opens your office up to function as a truly international workplace; allowing employees from all over the country, continent or galaxy connect in and join your cause. So what are you waiting for? Work away.