RUBLIK - Non Architecture


TEAM: Páez Sedano, Ana – Venezuelan, Spanish


Rublik · the suspension sport game

Rublik is played in a concrete cube measuring 6 meters, formed by two inclined faces with an interior of diverse elastic cords extended in different directions. These cords have different colors, depending on their degree of tension, while the walls and the ceiling have circular holes with luminous sensors changing colors throughout the game.

Can be played individually or in teams up to 8 people. Each player or couple is identified by a color and must follow it within the cube as it appears on the walls or ceiling holes. Each time the luminous sensor is activated showing the player’s or team’s color, a certain amount of points is earned. At the bottom of the cube, there’s a pool measuring 1,2 meters where the players fall when they slip adding excitement and dynamism to the game.

A single game of Rublik tones up the muscles, helps coordination, flexibility and posture while burning calories. It also exercises the mind as it demands concentration when choosing the less complicated and fastest way to reach the desired luminous sensor.