Shrine of the ordinary behind the extraordinary - Non Architecture Competitions

Shrine of the ordinary behind the extraordinary

TEAM: Inci Lize Ogun, Italian

Welcome to the Shrine of the ordinary behind the extraordinary.

Our exhibition is held from a historical critique, who posesses the common objects of common people that were involved the big masterpieces, or eventually even witnesses that know personally the people narrated.

Considering how small you might feel reading long texts of explanation about the art pieces in museums, that might also end up on the back burner, have a look instead at ordinary signs, memoires, and objects that made the art that today is priceless and that could be also you.

You will have chance to see the comb that the prisoner in the medieval Milano, both Jesus’ and Judas’ face in the Last Supper, had used in jail..The studio key that the Italian carpenter, who stole Mona Lisa, had used to enter his studio.

Take your time in digging into the curiosities carried from our collector and you will avoid deviations caused by the media hype.

Our wandering shrine, a labyrinth of small spaces, compacted in one wagon, designed to keep and show the precious and the secret.

Hopefully this journey will arouse your feeling that there is actually no segregation of the art world from you.