SKYLINE - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Jin Young Chang, Laura Camejo

Sleep Above the City

At SKYLINE Hotel, your room is a destination; and sleep, an integral part of the experience.

SKYLINE Hotel offers a unique approach to the hotel concept by creating a network of cabins suspended 400 meters above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon boarding their cabin for the night, guests will embark on a journey through the city from an entirely new perspective. They will experience panoramic views of downtown Rio, its infamous beaches, and Brazil’s coastal mountain ranges; enabling them to revisit places they saw that day and discover new sites to visit tomorrow. To embark, guests will check in at the main station in Flamengo, where they can dine or visit the observatory as they wait for their cabin to arrive. From here, their party will begin its route throughout the city with satellite stations at Rio’s major attractions, including Copacabana, Ipanema, and the Botanic gardens. Guests can hop on and hop off to explore these sites and the surrounding neighborhood. When ready to continue the journey, visitors may check the status of their cabin’s location through the SKYLINE app and board at any one of the seven stations. It takes approximately two hours to complete the loop once and twenty minutes to travel between stations, each of which will house restroom facilities, refreshments and incredible lookout points. As night approaches, the cabin will be the perfect place to watch the spectacular sunset this city has to offer. Guests can pick up a bottle of wine and unwind while they wait to experience Rio de Janeiro’s incredible cuisine and nightlife. After retiring to their room, visitors will drift off into sleep floating in between the city lights and a blanket of stars.

Selected by Inanc Eray