The Confectional - Non Architecture

The Confectional

TEAM: Osman Bari – Canadian – University of Waterloo School of Architecture


Memory is the most potent of ingredients.

Part confessional, part automat, with a peppering of telephone box, The Confectional is a proposed respite within the future urban landscape of hungry souls and forgotten pasts. Finding itself in the face of commodification and food scarcity, this mechanical booth seeks to combat these societal effects, through the process of converting tangible memories into food for the consumption of the soul, thereby reviving iconic meals of old and evoking the sweet taste of nostalgia.

Users enter the now commonplace confectional with their dearest objects, placing them inside the booth’s decomposition chambers, confessing their fond memories and creating a kitchen of curiosities. The combination of memory laced artefacts and additional input of information provides a confectional with the impetus to convert the object’s matter into the desired meal to which it corresponds, for the user to enjoy. Ultimately, each meal is catalogued in the booth’s internal system as a record of iconic indulgences and a testament to collective human memory.

Satisfied with your own nostalgia? See the menu for a selection of fresh ingredients.