XO - Non Architecture


TEAM: Name: Irene Pascual Adell – Nationality: Spain


A balanced office replicates the perfect Tic-Tac-Toe outcome.

This project aspires to mimic the tic-tac-toe game within its floor plan, in an attempt to achieve the most harmonious distribution between single and colective working spaces. Tic-Tac-Toe is a sum zero game in which the most favorable result for both parties is a draw. Therefore, the project alocates solo and group working enviroments in accordance to the respective Noughts and Crosses, the former for group work, the latter for solo work.

This architectural design offers an universal solution for all manner of activities, throughout the globe – New York , Mexico City, Tokyo , London, Madrid. Whether it may be a Law firm, with its requirementes for offices and conference rooms; an Architect`s studio, with its need for specific working posts and presentation rooms; or a Therapist office, with its demand for one on one treatment, and group dynamics. Furthermost, all office spaces are accordingly avant-garde and embedded with nature, forming a single entity.