New urbanism planning in Montsoils / ROCA + GUIX - Non Architecture

New urbanism planning in Montsoils / ROCA + GUIX

Name of the project : New urbanism planning in Montsoils industrial zone (Barcelona)

Function : Urbanism

Site Montsolis industrial zone, Bon Pastor neighbourhood, Barcelona, Spain

Year : 2013

Name of the istitution or competition where the project was carried out: ETSAB (Technical School of Architecture Barcelona) subject: Urbanism IV

Brief description of the project:

The Montsoils Poligon is a low intensity industrial area full of warehouses in poor conditions. Despite this, its excellent connections and proximity to the Besós river reveals enormous potential.

The urban proposal is based on the old parcel divisions and articulated through new axes, whose double objectives are to link the old and the new part of the city between them, and also with the natural area surrounding the Besós river.

The new urban plan, with its opened and flexible nature, aims to create spaces of value in the interstitial, enriched by the fluxes that flow between them. The new edifications respond to different inputs as long as the mass expands, and condition changes.

We renounce to systematic repetition, we renounce to monotony, we renounce to massive functional construction, we renounce to uniformity when it creates large scale segregation, we renounce to limiting the city and its experience.

We accept the chance that comes along with variable, flexible, opened city.

Nationality : Spain

City and date of birth : Barcelona, (01-02-1991 Felipe) and (02-02-1991 Miguel)

Institutions or courses attended: ETSAB (Technical School of Architecture Barcelona),

in the Politechnical University of Catalonia. We’re students in 4th course in 2013.

Roca + Guix project briefing 1 portada 2 lamina planta 3 seccion mercado 4 seccion parque y analisis opcion 2 5 Axonometría

Author : ROCA + GUIX Architects (Felipe Ibarz Roca and Miguel Rami Guix)

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