The Ritual of Cleansing - Non Architecture

The Ritual of Cleansing


Name: Yee Foo (Vincent) + Lai

Nationality: Singaporean

Institution / Company: University of California, Berkeley




Living in isolation during this pandemic has led to many to rethink the notion of communal spaces and importance of self cleansing spaces. In a residential setting, communal amenities such as multi-function activity rooms, gym, swimming pools, etc. will be closed off to stop the spread of the virus. Hence, what are the alternatives for inhabitants to live to the fullest during this isolation period? What is the hierarchy of cleansing spaces such as toilets in the apartments?


We introduced an open living concept where all unit types have full exposure to nature, creating a sense of respite from the introverted living space typical in small apartments. The act of cleansing will be an important ritual during this pandemic. Therefore, the morphology of the building is manifested in which spaces for cleansing (toilets and wash basins) are positioned in the building core. All living spaces revolve around the cleansing core.


#Co-habitation & Relationships, #Public Space Sanitation

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