We Care - Non Architecture

We Care


Name: Alexandre Chien

Nationality: Brazilian

Institution / Company: Studio Axis




“First they came for the Chinese

And I did not care

Because I was not Chinese


Then they came for the elders

And I did not care

Because I was not old


Then they came for my neighbours

And I did not care

Because I did not really know them


Then they came for me and my family

And there was no one left

To take care of us”


In a society where social distancing is a new normality, we should not resort to private and closed spaces as our only solution, the problem of loneliness and depression is already outrageous in our society and the COVID-19 outbreak accentuated even more this disorder.

Food and cooking have always been a safeguard for human connection and affection, the possibility of growing our own food and sharing within our community can promote wellness and connection that we now, more than ever, crave for.

We Care Housing Block proposes a generous family kitchen in the heart of each story of the building, serving as a space of connection, sharing and caring. We need to know our neighbours and connect as a community so we can feel empathy and take care of each other.


#loneliness #urbangardens #food #social interactions #care

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