The Lost and Found Orphanage - Non Architecture

The Lost and Found Orphanage


Name: Chisei Ye

Nationality: Chinese

Institution / Company: University of Edinburgh


Name: Miharu Yamaguchi

Nationality: Japanese

Institution / Company: University of Edinburgh




When the pandemic hits, where do the orphaned children go? What do they need? Who protects them? These are the key questions to our housing block, which is catered towards orphaned female children aged between 6-16. Housing 8 staff and 32 children, the orphanage provides a safe and caring environment with a playful twist: It also acts as a botanical garden and a rock-climbing gym. This unique combination reduces boredom and enforces the mental and physical health of the children. Each floor caters to a group of children of different age, and the need for privacy is also considered when assigning rooms: 6-10 year olds live in a group of 4, 11-13 year olds live in a group of 2, and 14-16 have a room to their self. There are also public study rooms and play rooms available for all. This combination facilitates the need for both social life and independence of a child. Furthermore, each private room is connected to a public room via separate staircases, forming a staggered, lively structure that follows social distancing guidelines. This is a housing block designed truly for the most vulnerable demographic in the midst of a pandemic.


#Homeless # Mental & Physical Health #Protected Social Interactions #Child Care #Nature & Environment

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