Name: Justin Lau
Nationality: Hong Kong
Name: Seun Keshiro
Nationality: British
Name: Bogomil Punchev
Nationality: Bulgarian


Over the last decade, the city of London has continued to grow as an international business cluster, with its working population increasing at unprecedented rates. Predominantly the growth has taken place in the so-called ‘millennial industries’, where dynamic collaboration and mobile working are an essential for the businesses’ to function. Despite the transition in working and communication methods of these industries, the established office typologies haven’t adequately reflected the working needs of the average millennial industry employee.


The disused network of phone boxes across London presents an opportunity to reinvent an iconic piece of heritage, whilst creating an office typology which is responsive to the needs of millennial industries and remove the limitations of interaction within the physical world. By being reinvented as a smart micro office space, the iconic K2 phone box would reinterpret its original purpose of communication, while facilitating virtual collaborative interactions through a seamless set of experiences, made possible with carefully considered hardware and interfaces, all integrated within the K2’s shell.


Much like the then revolutionary act of calling anyone from anywhere, we propose an installation which enables you to work with anyone from anywhere.


TEAM: Elias Essanoussi, Jannik Nagel
Peter Behrens School of Arts


Use your Time

Nowadays, the employee or student often commutes to work or university for a very long time and the travel period is not used productively.
If you could work during the journey, you can easily do any work while traveling to your destination.
The passenger could use more effective working hours and increase the productivity.

The trains of „Office 2 Go“ provide workplaces that can be rented via app by the passengers – for certain trips or as daily routine.

Office cabins inside the train offer space to collaborate, small rooms for business meetings and private workplaces which unite all the things you need for your productive journey.

We got some special features – a grip on the office chair and table for maximum stabilization, extendable screens and keyboards.

When you arrive at your final destination, there will be no further work waiting for you.

The coworking city

TEAM: Alejandro Arias
Nationality: Venezuelan



Caracas, Venezuela.

The economic crisis, hyperinflation and shortages, have caused 2.3million of Venezuelans to flee the country since 2014. But the crisis has had another outcome, it has pushed people to find creative solutions, and now there is a movement of entrepreneurs who have decided “we are not going anywhere”

What if the entire city is a big coworking space for those entrepreneurs who have decided to stay?



In the coworking city where previously there were abandoned spaces, buildings and industrial zones, now there is a network of working spaces so entrepreneurs can choose where they want to work depending on price, time, location.



An old industrial zone of the city has now turned into an innovation district. In this cluster of working spaces, the streets serve as an urban lab, a place where entrepreneurs can gather and test innovative ideas.




Used to be of a family member, but now it’s your 4m2 private office.

Retail store

A broke retail store, now a 230m2 of coworking space for freelancers and small startups.


An abandoned warehouse is now the biggest coworking/ community gathering space with 3164m2 for any size business.

Pop Work Pack It Up

TEAM: Xeni Dimoka, Greek


A modular pop-up office in a hand-luggage

Traveling while tons of work flood your mind? Have you ever experienced a creative flash in an airport terminal and had no equipment to work it out? Nowadays, the idea of the “office” has been liberated. The contemporary worker can work in literally any place and is also often traveling for work, being obliged to carry his office essentials on trains, buses and airplanes.

This project gives this worker the opportunity to carry a pop-up office in a size of a luggage that complies with the carry-on luggage restrictions of the majority of airlines (55 x 35 x 25 cm). Easily assembled and disassembled, providing spaces for all the material that is necessary for work (sketching material, documents, books, sockets), Pop.Work.Pack (it up)! constitutes the ultimate portable workstation.

Office is like home. It cannot be defined as one place, as it can be any place where a person gets inspired and concentrated. So, apart from traveling this office unit can be used in various contexts, providing a “fully-equipped work shelter”.

The Shower Effect

TEAM: Andrea Bojkovska, Aleksandra Stankovic
Macedonian, Serbian
Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Milano


Why do our best ideas come in the shower?

All the great ideas (such as this one) come in the shower.

It’s a small, safe place where you are comfortable. Strange as it sounds, your brain is not most active when you’re focused on a task. Research shows it’s more active when you let go and change the environment or do something relaxing.

So why don’t we meet in the shower and have business meetings or branstormings?

You think it is not possible? Our concept says different.

Imagine that you have your home office which looks like a shower cabin, but has all the things you need while working – privacy, natural light, library.

You don’t need to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock anymore in order to get up 1 hour earlier so you wouldn’t be late because of the morning traffic madness.

Imagine that if you need to meet your colegues, your cabin can fly and merge with theirs on any locaiton you imagine – on the river bank, on the beach, on a rooftop, in the park.

Then, imagine that this concept of self-sustainable mobile work ‘cabin’ solves the polution and commuting problems – the city is green, car-free with underground public transport.

Now, stop imagining and ‘take a shower’.


TEAM: Name: Irene Pascual Adell – Nationality: Spain


A balanced office replicates the perfect Tic-Tac-Toe outcome.

This project aspires to mimic the tic-tac-toe game within its floor plan, in an attempt to achieve the most harmonious distribution between single and colective working spaces. Tic-Tac-Toe is a sum zero game in which the most favorable result for both parties is a draw. Therefore, the project alocates solo and group working enviroments in accordance to the respective Noughts and Crosses, the former for group work, the latter for solo work.

This architectural design offers an universal solution for all manner of activities, throughout the globe – New York , Mexico City, Tokyo , London, Madrid. Whether it may be a Law firm, with its requirementes for offices and conference rooms; an Architect`s studio, with its need for specific working posts and presentation rooms; or a Therapist office, with its demand for one on one treatment, and group dynamics. Furthermost, all office spaces are accordingly avant-garde and embedded with nature, forming a single entity.

Locus Intelligentes

TEAM: John Nguyen (Canadian)
Abubaker Bajaman (Canadian)
Stephen (Seung Won) Baik (Canadian)
Company: Studio RAWR
Institutions: University of Toronto _ John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design


What if Artificial Intelligiences can solve all our problems such as Creativity reduction, layout efficiency and practicality ?

Creativity reduction: Workers become accustomed to a certain type of office layout overtime where they always go to the same spot for breaks, see colleagues, water cooler etc…., this in the long span can reduce the effectiveness and health of employees. Always seeing and repeating the tasks for the rest of their lives gets boring and people just get bored, stiffing creativity and imagination.

Desk distancing: The desk spacing between each unit is typically indefinitely arranged into cubicles where job specific employees that need to talk to each other are often placed far apart and unoptimized. Even if they are optimized, different phases in a firm may require the meeting between different people through the phases.

Practicality: Spaces in all offices are not always used to their maximum potential and can see little or no use most of the time. Like inoffice libraries, or hot-desks, etc..

Our idea is that desk are interchangeable and moveable. Everything is controlled by artificial intelligence that records peoples stages of work and when certain people need to be clustered together. A series of curtains make the spaces but are moveable themselves.


Joe Leask – British – Robert Gordon University / Glenn Howells
Yevgen Gozhenko – British– Robert Gordon University / Glenn
Howells Architects


In a world where productivity, occupational demand and time sacrifice is pushed to the limit, it is now a constant battle to attain success in both your professional and personal life. No longer do walls and a nine to five mentality bind the ‘office’ as a cradle of working life. The office is everywhere and anywhere.

In acceptance of this, there must be a way to manage and affect change. A way to rewire your life to ensure that you make the most out of each day. No longer will you spend long days in the office, completing countless hours of overtime and missing out on socialising and personal objectives. Change comes with Balance and everything required to attain balance can be instigated from a small wrist device.

The new smart watch from Balance acts as your digital conscience. Packed with all the key features of top of the range devices, it is aimed at anyone seeking to manage their professional and personal lives. New technologies allow the watch to detect when and where you are working, notifying you when regulation is required as quality personal time is just as important as work time.

It’s time to find your balance.

Psychonautic Room

TEAM: Doriana Gabriela Mărăşoiu, Antonio Fadda – Romanian, Italian

In a world animated by continuous tensions between social conformity and evasion phantasies,  the need for creative solutions became for many realities a big issue, requiring brand new approaches and workspace concepts. What kind of environment can enhance our thinking abilities, more than a space conceived to push us towards the innermost nucleus of our consciousness?

The application of Psychonautics to recreation spaces in offices can lead to a different use of the break time, combining the need of relaxation with experimental activities which can boost mind power during productive time.

When open, the polyfunctional “Capsules” can be simple couches for power naps or Brainwave Entertainment stations. When closed, they act as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy cocoons.

The “Dream Machine”, located above each seat, is used for hypnagogic trance induction, with the aim to enhance ideas fluidity coming from a relaxation state which can be quickly induced or stopped.

The “Dune Walls” are surfaces that amplify the light fugue effects, creating space disorientation and pareidolia patterns.

Last but not least, the “Time fountain” may act as sound counterpart in the hypnagogic induction or as a simple reliever from daily acoustic stress, with its cyclical sound patterns.

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